Astrotalk CEO Puneet Gupta promises rewards for users if India wins World Cup

NEW DELHI: Astrotalk CEO Puneet Gupta has pledged to distribute an incredible Rs 100 crore to Astrotalk users in the event of India's victory during the highly anticipated India vs Australia ODI World Cup 2023 final at Ahmedabad's Narendra Modi Stadium this Sunday.
Reminiscing about India's triumphant 2011 World Cup win, Gupta shared his nostalgic reflections in a heartfelt LinkedIn post.Recalling the tension leading up to the 2011 final, he disclosed a sleepless night spent strategising with friends.
Gupta vividly conveyed the joy of India's victory as he recounted celebratory scenes in Chandigarh, where he and his friends celebrated with spontaneous bhangra at roundabouts, embracing strangers and relishing the euphoria of the historic win.
Drawing a parallel to that jubilant occasion, Gupta expressed his eagerness to share the happiness with the Astrotalk community this time. Acknowledging the Astrotalk user base as more than mere users but as friends, he pledged to distribute a staggering Rs 100 crore in digital wallets of users if India wins the World Cup.
In a morning conversation with his finance team, Gupta formalized the pledge, emphasizing his desire to reciprocate the joy with the Astrotalk community. Encouraging everyone to pray, support, and cheer for India, he concluded his announcement with an enthusiastic "Indiaaaaa Indial!! Hugs in advance."
As the World Cup final approaches, where India, led by captain Rohit Sharma, faces the formidable Australia, a five-time world champion, the significant pledge from Astrotalk's CEO has heightened excitement and anticipation for Astrotalk users, giving them an additional reason to cheer for India in the grand finale.
(With inputs from agencies)

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